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Communication in your own language, screens that can be filled out quickly. Fewer e-mails, fewer phone calls. Intelligent dashboards offer you insight 24/7 so that you can respond immediately.

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The advantages in a nutshell

The need for leisure group accommodation is on the rise. helps you to respond to this need effectively. Apart from generating additional group bookings, also saves you time and money – by communicating in your own language and integration with your PMS, for instance. You will only receive group requests when there's a match between the group and your availability. Hotels easily determine themselves by what processes the request will be processed quickly and efficiently. Intelligent dashboards provide up-to-date insight 24/7 so that you can act immediately.



with processing leisure group requests thanks to screens in your own language that can be filled out quickly and easily.



in comparison with other reservation websites. Only for actual bookings you pay a commission fee to



Immediately do business with travel organizations that weren't part of your client base before – no costs or extra effort.



As a result of an increasing number of travelling seniors and of groups from outside Europe (especially China) the leisure group market continues to grow.


All group requests at a single glance

Easy to take action if requests aren't dealt with on time.


Advanced processes ensure that offers are sent out on time

What hotel owners say about

Interviews from our market study

Berlin hotel

Sales manager

"Better overview, higher conversion rates and less work"

“All requests are made via e-mail or telephone and are entered into the reservation system by one of our 2 reservation and group employees. Although the chances of realization are slim, we immediately take out an option for every group in order to avoid the risk of overbooking. That only 1 out of every 10 requests will actually result in a booking is all in the game. A point of irritation is that frequently 3 to 4 different travel organizations submit a request for the same group. Reservation staff often can't see the forest for the trees.”

“ solves most of these problems and provides the possibility of making targeted offers. It takes less work to accommodate more groups and it is possible automatically link reservations to the reservation system.”

Amsterdam hotel

General manager

“Our account management does the negotiations for series and allotments. Booking these groups into our own system and taking on ad hoc groups is something that our group department (4 FTE) takes care of. In both cases this is done in consultation with revenue management. Each group is confirmed manually by e-mail.”

“With this process will change completely. Series, allotments and ad hoc requests will be dealt with almost exclusively via The dashboards provide the management with a complete overview any time of day and ensure that the group department will work much more efficiently. Handy e-mail alerts enable our staff to promptly respond to a group request.”

German hotel chain

Director group travel - 5 hotels

“For many years group travel was on the decline but since 2013 we have witnessed an upsweep, also thanks to the ageing population. In Germany people live longer, stay active longer and also want to keep travelling longer. At a certain age the bus becomes an important option. This offers chances for the travel and hotel industry.”

“We don't mind having to pay an annual subscription fee per room or a commission fee. We're just going to try out In general there are only a few websites that add something useful. The bus trade organization is making an attempt to do so. We think that the time is getting ripe for modernization.”